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Dallas Travers

Dallas Travers is an IPEC certified Creative Career Coach, motivational speaker, and President of Sage Creative, Inc. Infusing practical knowledge with inspired ideas, she has helped hundreds of actors and artists generate remarkable personal and professional breakthroughs. She provides lectures, training, and private coaching for actors, writers, and creative entrepreneurs across the globe. In 2001, Dallas founded Sage Creative, Inc., an innovative consulting firm for actors, artists and other creative entrepreneurs. Since then, she has worked to counteract the many myths and stumbling blocks of the business by creating an environment where artists easily control of their own career paths. Today, Dallas is applauded as one of the leading career coaches in the entertainment industry.

Nicole Phillips

Nicole Phillips is a newspaper columnist and professional speaker specializing in the topics of kindness, breast cancer and marriage to a Division I basketball coach. Nicole has three children and is married to Ohio University Men’s Basketball Coach, Saul Phillips. Her column, Kindness is Contagious, runs every Saturday in The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. Connect with Nicole at or share your story of kindness