Women's Impact Scholarships for Education

We believe every woman should be able to reach her full potential, and financial barriers should not stop her!
Professional training and personal educational courses have a profound impact in women's careers and lives. Unfortunately, a lot of women are already struggling to make ends meet, and many of them cannot afford to invest in themselves. That's where the W.I.S.E. Award comes in!

Women's Impact Scholarships for Education is an award created to offer financial support to empower women professional and personal lives by providing scholarships for training, educational courses, and conferences.
We are looking for women who see themselves as members of a connected world and who are motivated to push themselves to the next level, so they can change their lives and prospects for their career, family, and community.

There are so many women in our community who are motivated, hard-working and could greatly benefit by receiving financial support to increase their qualifications and improve their personal well-being.

Our scholarship covers the cost of the training itself. Any travel costs must be covered independently by the applicant. Funds are sent directly from Women's Impact to the hosting organization.

You can join forces with us to empower women's education by supporting our W.I.S.E. Award or you are welcome to send your application now!

According to the National Women’s Law Center:

1 Two-thirds of low-wage workers, who work in jobs that typically pay $10.50 per hour or less, are women.

2 Most don’t have a spouse’s income to rely on.

3 Over half of the women in the low-wage workforce work full time and nearly three-quarters work all year.

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