Ameena Jovonovich

Fargo, North Dakota

Experiences: Nonprofit & Social Enterprise

Occupation: Student

Three qualities about Ameena Jovonovich

I, myself, am a high school student that has always had one goal or determination in my head. I knew from growing up in multiple different cities and seeing all types of people from different backgrounds, that I want to help people. I would love to one day tie in my interest of fashion to a chance of helping people around that world that don't have access or a chance to wear nice clothes and feel like they can accomplish things. I am young yes, but I know starting years from now will not make a single difference in my dream than starting now, at age 15.

I am

I would love to learn what goes in to starting a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women, men, and children around the world. From living in Phoenix, AZ to moving to Fargo, ND, they are so drastically different but similar in many ways. So...

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