Cassandra Coghill

Fargo, North Dakota

Experiences: Self Empowerment, Relationships, Health & Wellness, Faith & Spirituality, Education, Leadership Empowerment, Nonprofit & Social Enterprise

Occupation: Reiki Master Practitioner

Three qualities about Cassandra Coghill

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, which means I am a holistic healer and teacher. In this capacity I serve to guide and facilitate healing transformations. I have a degree in Women and Gender Studies with a minor in Human Development and Family Science. This means I have spent the past few years studying the political and socio-economic impacts of sex, gender, sexuality, reproduction and family life. I carry a lot of knowledge in this area and would love more opportunities to share it! I am a pantheistic Goddess-worshipper. This means that, although I hold both the masculine and feminine aspects of God to be equally Divine and choose honor all the myriad names, avatars and personhoods of Divine Energy, I have chosen to focus most of my personal energy and attention on initiating increased worship of the feminine aspect of the Divine (which has been sorely neglected for many centuries) and cultivating widespread honor and respect for Her great mysteries.

I am

I am interested in learning more about time management, financial wisdom, public speaking...

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