Kylee Seifert

Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

Experiences: Self Empowerment, Relationships, Health & Wellness, Faith & Spirituality, Organization & Time Management, Education, Communication Skills

Occupation: Wellness Coach

Three qualities about Kylee Seifert

My purpose in life is to help others clear their shit and live up to their greatest human potential. The qualities that I possess to help others do this is a strong sense of encouragement and support through uncertain times. I am a champ at holding others in a space that allows them to be their amazing self and to shine brightly. I also successfully help others come clear on their goals, break them down and them DOMINATE them... because as stated above, we are not here on this earth to play small. The biggest gift you can give to this world is to unforgivably be yourself.

I am

I am a Wellness Coach with experience in fitness, nutrition and life-coaching. I combine all three to help my friends, family and clients live up to their greatest human potential. I've been in the health and wellness industry for 6 years now and find that while fitness is fun and sexy, you'll get nowhere without a nutrition plan that works for you and then above ALLLLL we must clear self-doubt, negative talk and the whole playing...

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