Our Team

We have a top-notch team at Women’s Impact. Meet the team members here:

Our Beautiful Founder – Cris Linnares

International Author, renowned Brazilian Psychotherapist, and successful Emotional and Weight Loss Master Coach, Cris Linnares has quickly become one of the most passionate voices for women and teen wellness and empowerment.

In her personal life, Cris Linnares is the happy, yet imperfect CEO of her family. She is delighted to hold a certification as a “Proud Amateur Mom and Step mom”. In her professional life, she is the Founder and President of Women’s Impact™ and creator of the acclaimed Diva Dance® that has been inspiring women all over the world. Author of several books including Cinderella on the Couch and the award-winning book and social project Beautiful Women of North Dakota™her amazing life story and pioneer work has been featured in Marie Claire, Shape, Women’s Health and other publications.

Read how Women’s Impact began here.

Contact her at cris@womensimpact.org to join forces and expand the spirit of empowerment throughout the Women’s Impact Community.


Our Ever So Helpful Digital Marketing Specialist- April Knutson

April grew up on a farm near the small town of Volga, South Dakota. She graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a degree in Mass Communications and English in 2014. An eternal optimist, April is a big dreamer and adventure-seeker, she loves to see the possibility in all things. She enjoys new challenges, new places and seeks knowledge wherever she goes.April was drawn to Women’s Impact through the power of connection, she instantly felt inspired by its mission to empower women everywhere. She believes that changing competition into compassion is the key to transforming the relationships between women in society today.

April oversees the day-to-day tasks at Women’s Impact headquarters and updates the website regularly. Her passion is spreading the mission of Women’s Impact through its social networks as she is a brand development guru! April LOVES laughing, tell her joke or show her a dance move, to her, happiness is action, everything else, a reaction.

Contact her at april@womensimpact.org to tap into the power of the Women’s Impact Community.



Our Inspiring Director of Operations – LaurelLee Loftsgard

LaurelLee is a passionate and hard working woman from small towns in both North Dakota and Minnesota.

She became involved with Women’s Impact through the help of founder Cris Linnares and it has turned into so much more ever since. Being able to see the foundation from almost it’s start and watching/helping it grow into so much more has been amazing and an honor to be a part of. LaurelLee has been trying to uphold the mission of this empowering organization and pave the way for women to connect and provoke social change in the world.

LaurelLee oversees the operation of Women’s Impact including the website.





Our Sweet Administrator – Allison Leslie

Allison grew up in Kindred, ND. She currently resides in Fargo, ND with her husband and Boxer dog, Kaiser. She currently works at The Forum.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, camping, decorating her home, art, drinking coffee, and relaxing at the lake.

She has a passion for helping others in times of need or when they just need an extra hand. She lives her life with compassion, kindness, and love. By keeping your head up and heart open you are able to accomplish great things.



Our Social Media and Community Connection Queen – Vanessa Bourgeois

Vanessa hails from New Orleans, where she once worked for USA Today and owned a downtown deli which she operated before and after Hurricane Katrina. She then moved to Charlottesville, VA with her husband Fred and shared her joie de vivre with Beer Run, a craft beer retail shop, bar and restaurant that was awarded a place on America’s Top 100 Best Beer Bars in 2014. Vanessa cooked, bartended, and hosted events like Mardi Gras for the downtown local favorite. She still pens their newsletter and press releases.

In the summer of 2013, Vanessa moved with her husband to Fargo, ND and has been our social media queen and incredible jack-of-all-trades volunteer since. She brings southern life to our parties and makes a killer gumbo. On the side, Vanessa loves to garden and dreams about it all winter long until summer comes again.



Our Enthusiastic and Incredibly Bright Volunteer – Roz Randorf

At the age of 48, Roz has already  been a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a business owner and a widow.

After meeting Cris Linnares, she was drawn to the Women’s Impact mission.  What connects Roz to the mission is her passion for the simple idea of giving back – focusing one’s energy and talents for the good of others.  Through her own experience of great joy, heartache and tremendous loss, Roz can empathize and relate with those who are struggling. If, in some small way, she can lift another person’s burden, she will try.

Roz enjoys raising her two sons and and teaching them to, above all else, be kind and always brush their teeth.

Roz has worked in the newspaper industry for over 24 years and is the Advertising Director for Forum Communications in Fargo, N.D. She previously worked as the Advertising Director for the Duluth News Tribune in Duluth, MN.




Our sweet and great donor of our website – Carla Crespo

Fascinated by advertising and marketing, for 10 years she has been director of Avant Interactive, advertisement agency from São Paulo, Brazil, that creates and develops websites and digital actions for the most different segments.

Carla lives with her husband and two daughters, Giovanna and Laura. Devotes her free time to be with the family, and participates in voluntary activities with animal care entities. She loves supporting the causes in which she believes in, even if it is through a prayer.

“I’ve known Cris for many years and fell in love by the cause defended by Women’s Impact. It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to redesign the website of the organisation. We have done everything with love and we hope that the message of Women’s Impact reaches and helps thousands of women all across America.”


Our All-Powerful Partner – God

We believe the idea of this foundation and every step taken to bring it to fruition is under the guidance and leadership of God. We praise him for bringing our mission to life!