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W.I.S.E. Scholarship

We believe every woman should be able to reach her full potential, and financial barriers should not stop her!

Women's Impact Scholarships for Education offers financial support to empower women’s professional and personal lives by providing scholarships for training, certification courses, and conferences.

Professional training and personal educational courses have a profound impact in women's careers and lives. Unfortunately, a lot of women cannot afford to invest in themselves. That's where the W.I.S.E. Scholarship comes in.

You can join forces with us to support women's education or apply to receive a W.I.S.E Scholarship now!

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*Please note that W.I.S.E. scholarships cannot be used for college or university tuition.

Successful Connections

  • Mackenzie Jackson
    "Women's Impact showed me that there is so many people out there willing to help you, you just have to speak up."
    Mackenzie Jackson
  • Samantha
    "Being a young mom in a town away from your family can be really hard. Because of Women’s Impact, I made friends for myself and for my son."
  • Krista Ulrich
    "I hope you experience the magic of Women’s Impact. I am not a millionaire and can’t donate tons of money to various organizations, but that doesn’t matter. …I have a good heart, and I am willing to put in the time it takes to reach out to the people of my community."
    Krista Ulrich
  • Vanessa Bourgeois
    "You never know in life when your heart will be moved to take action, to set yourself aside to help a stranger in need. When it happens though, there’s no stopping it and the results can be life changing. WI provides opportunities for these moments to happen."
    Vanessa Bourgeois
  • Stacey Gabbert
    "Through Women’s Impact you get to be around really great to be around strong, powerful and independent women just supporting each other."
    Stacey Gabbert
  • Gunel Gurbanova
    "I am thankful to Women’s Impact for encouragement through their annual event. I know we can do more if we just believe in ourselves!"
    Gunel Gurbanova
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