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Support Each Other List

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Family needs Home

My family & my non-profit organization have been displaced and are in desperate need of housing. Would like a 2-3 bdrm.

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Sister Sherry needs to find a home.

This is actually not for myself. I have a sister whos in her early 50′s that went through stage 3 breast cancer after our mom died of cancer just months previously. She still kept working non stop until she started passing out at work. They finally did tests and found out she now has SLE

POSTED BY sofia.vargas

(Thank You! This Need Met) Need a delivery driver for mother in need…

Hi Ladies! I have a box of toiletries and household supplies that needs to get to one of our friends in need of some support right now. She’s low on gas and I don’t have a vehicle right now. Can anyone out there make a delivery for her? Im in the Osgood area, she is

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POSTED BY Brittney

Brittney is in need of gas and grocery gift cards.

Gas and Grocery gift Cards needed urgently.

POSTED BY sofia.vargas

(Thank You! This Need Met) New Job…No Ride.

New job and no ride

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POSTED BY cyoungcarriejo3

Carrie and her 3 kids need help with with gas and food

I’m in need of gas and food to help me and my 3kids

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In need of child care – short term

Looking for childcare – temporary.

POSTED BY teelady

tami need finacial help

back in February myself and my children were involved in a domestic situation I have gotten on my feet with my children but am having problems paying past amount on rent (450) and vehicle(500) staying afloat is ok just catching up is hard. I am a full time college student and also am starting a

POSTED BY jsiegle

Judy Needs Massage Therapists for Pampering Moms

Need people to assist with massages October 25, 11:00am-12:30pm, at 8th Annual Rest & Rejuv event supporting Moms of kids with special needs.

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Jasmine needs Jobs and apartments that acceptes felonies

Recently I just got charged with a felony , I’ve been. Fighting this charge for 2 years and just a month ago minnesota decided to charge me with it. After I found out that I was charged with it I immediately called my apartment manger to let her know what happened. Since then she wants